Jobs and work contact Information.

Grounds General:   Contact:  Mike Berkevich - 920-296-9921    Dave Schilling 920-344-0244
Lawn and range mowing.  
Weed wacking and trimming around entire grounds.
Edge Trap Fields
Trim low branches from Pine Trees along driveway and around the perimeter of the grounds to aid the mowing process.
Remove overgrowth from the fence along Breyer Road.
Remove branches etc to a pile near the burn pile to dry out.
Burn the burn pile.

Clubhouse:     Contact:  Kevin Bourne 920-623-3101
Clean the clubhouse as needed.
Repair holes in the drywall from electrical work.
Repair the wall in the mens bathroom.
Replace all the nails in the steel roof with screws.

Upper Range:  Contact:  Gray Giesfeldt 608-335-5833

Weed wack and clear brush.  Spray Roundup.  
Assemble benches.
Volanteer to help run monthly events.

Short Ranges 
Contact: Du Wayne Kuenzi 920-382-3783

Brush out along both sides of the lower range.
Replace target fences as needed.
Shovel dirt back into the berms as needed.
Clean the buildings.
Remove trash to the burn pile.

Trap:    Contact:  Dean Haseman 815-739-5631
Mark and pull on trap nights.
Strip and repaint trap scoring stands.
Repaint or replace outside gun racks.
Fill trap houses.

Archery:    Contact:  Bob Weirough 608-692-8414

Set up and tear down of the 3-D course.
Mowing and weed wacking of the 3-D course.
Help to run the 3-D archery monthly matches in the clubhouse in air conditioned comfort.

Fall Event:   Contact: Larry Haseman 920-344-0656 

Volanteer to serve food,  help run shooting events.   cook corn,  run the raffles,  get raffle prizes.  Clean up before and after the event.  Sell raffle ickets.

Education:  Contact:  Jerry Queisser 920-318-0918

Become a certified Hunters Education Instructor and help with Hunters Ed classes.

If you see something around the grounds that needs to be done or would like to see a program started and are willing to head the program up contact Larry Haseman above.